Whom do we work with?

We work with clients who thoroughly understand their business numbers and grow the numbers.

The majority of our clients are in service industries.

For instance, we help clients in the following industries:

  • IT Contractors and Consultants
  • Health and Allied Health Businesses
  • Creatives and Marketing Agencies
  • Medical Health Professionals
  • Professional Services
  • Franchises in Food Industry

Our clients are located predominantly in and around Melbourne, but we also service clients in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. We are also helping a few clients located in Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and India.

What services do we offer?

We help progressive entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • Understand the Numbers that Drive their Business
  • Clarity with their Short Term and Long Term Business Objectives
  • Structure Effectively for Business Growth
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Cloud Business Solutions
  • Tax and Accounting Lodgement Obligations
  • Set up and Run Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Unlimited Ongoing support

What do we specialise in?

We have a unique approach to provide insight into the accounting numbers for entrepreneurs and business owners.

We want you, the business owner, to really understand the numbers and its impact on the level of success it makes to your business.

We work with you either on a monthly or quarterly basis, not just providing the numbers to you, but helping you use them in a meaningful way in the day to day management of your business.

How do we charge?

We do not charge by the hour (so we aren’t rewarded for being inefficient), but rather we charge a fixed price that you know up front for the value that we provide.

It’s a different conversation and the focus is always on strengthening relationship by providing massive value rather than a quick year end number crunching exercise.

When you come on board, we will prepare the scope and plan the work, and then we will quote our fees . If there are any additional events that pop up outside the initial scope, we will always agree on a price before we commence the work.

It is not our practice to charge for every little phone call and email – this is just part of our working relationship!

What is our response time to your questions?

Our response time to phone calls and emails is a key service aspect that we are proud of. We successfully keep this number less than 24 hours on average for our clients.

How long does it take us to get our work done?

‘Turnaround time’ is a key number we measure closely and aim to have all projects and work completed within 14 business days.

What technology do we use?

The adoption of cloud accounting software is saving businesses thousands of dollars and hours of manual bookwork every week.

We work with multiple cloud accounting providers who provide us with dozens of options on their add-ons. The cloud accounting providers that we work with are Xero, Saasu and MYOB.

We can help with recommendations, implementation and support for the various add-ons and cloud accounting solutions.

How often do we meet in a year?

To be able to provide real insights to your business, we need to be in contact with you many times over the year.

Ideally, we would catch up with you at least once in every month, but if that is too regular for your stage of business, we can also catch up on a quarterly basis. Any fewer than this and we may not be able to provide you much value

What can I expect from our initial meeting?

We will get to know your business and demonstrate how we can help you get the results you are after. Come prepared to ask as many questions as you wish. Following the initial meeting, we will provide you with a 90 Day Action Plan to implement in your business at no cost.


Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

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