Finite Group was founded by Dhash AJ in 2012 with one notion in mind, breaching the boundaries of the stereotypical accountants.

Traditional accountants who view their clients as $ are nowhere to be seen here. Our team of skilled accountants are about achieving the biggest bang for your buck. We understand the value of customer relationships and go above and beyond to make sure you receive the best professional advice and March towards your business goals.

The accounting landscape is ever progressive, you need an accountant who’s ahead of the curb. With our fixed fee structures and online communication tools, you can ease your worries knowing you will never get those nasty hidden fees, and relax, knowing that assistance is just a phone call or click away. Leave the laggards behind and come towards the light, offering service above and beyond our competitors to achieve the results our clients deserve. Our motivation? Your success.

Fixed Fee Structure

Unlike traditional practices who charge by the hour, we understand the need to know what your costs are upfront. We operate on a ‘fixed fee structure’, meaning you know all the accounting costs upfront without any hidden extras. Do you often want to contact your accountant but avoid it in fear that you will be billed further? Well, fear no more! We actively encourage you to call us with any business decision or change in your financial situation immediately.

Strong Working Relationship

If we are going to be involved in your most intimate financial details, you need to know our methodologies too.

How do we meet our clients – Preferably in person at our office or a location of your choice. However, if you have a question that cannot wait, we are just a phone or click away.

How often? – As many times as you wish.

What is our initial focus? – We will focus on spending time listening to you, your problems and understanding your business.

What is our long-term goal? – To ensure you are in the best possible position of financial wellbeing.

Technical Expertise

Our extensive knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry guarantees our expertise to manage any tax situation. Furthermore, our accountants participate in continuing professional development programs to stay on top of legislative changes in tax law and accounting practices.

We utilize the latest technology, working as cloud accountants so you will always receive the best, most efficient service possible. Our paperless processes are also many times faster than paper-based processes, because searches, retrieval, editing, communication and archiving of documents can be done more efficiently and quickly.


We are always available whenever you need our assistance and are committed to meeting our deadlines. We take time to understand every aspect of your financial situation and then invest time in educating you on your businesses finances. We ask you questions and present solutions to potential problems before they occur. We commit not only to helping you with your tax obligations, but with your future tax planning and business planning requirements.

Our Assurance

Whether you are an individual, a business owner or operate any other professional practices, we commit to not only helping you with your tax obligations, but with your future tax planning and business planning requirements. We will help you achieve your financial goals and ease the burden of compliance to save you precious time to invest back into growing your business and your net worth.

We’re scrapping the ancient methodology of traditional accounting firms and adopting an inclusive approach with our clients. Our online tools and services provide our clients with the best advantage and certainty in the market. We place value on our client service and ensure our clients are availed the best value they seek. With our online communication tools and a fixed fee structure, you can always count on us to be there for you with timely and strategic advice.
We combine technology with our relationship building to provide you with the best service offerings. With constant communication between us and our clients, we are able to provide timely advice, and strive to make your life easier though efficiently handling all your financial statements and taxation affairs. Our goal, to make sure you achieve the best result.
Our clients fuel our passion. We recognise the need to go above and beyond to give you the premium service you deserve. We get a thrill out of seeing our clients succeed. We’re passionate about adding value to our clients business and assisting in helping your business grow.
With Cloud technology at our disposal, we are able to conduct business with our clients whether in person or from the comfort of your home or office. With constant online communication tools, we are always there to offer a helping hand for any queries you may have. Alternatively, you are always welcome to drop in for a chat.
Finite Group was founded in 2012 with one notion in mind, breaching the boundaries of the stereotypical accountants.client

Prior to founding Finite Group, I worked for reputed mid-tier firms in Melbourne managing a portfolio of small to medium businesses and high net worth individuals.

In the past 10 years working for large accounting firms to boutique firms it was evident that while ensuring the clients were up to date with their tax compliance was imperative there was little value an accountant would add by completing mere compliance procedures for their clients.

At Finite our main focus lies on our clients Business Growth rather than number crunching compliance requirements, which is how it should be.

I am passionate about maximising business efficiencies for our clients and help them minimise costs and increase profits. At Finite, we practice what we preach and have adopted a paperless business model to create efficiencies within our own practice.

In my experience, businesses achieve the results they are after when the following is in place with their accountants:

  • Regular one on one meetings
  • Proactive cash flow planning and management
  • Sound tax planning and tax compliance taken care of on time
  • Readily available support

If you are a business unsure about your profit/cash flow position on a real time or at least on a regular basis and often find making business decisions based on profit/cash flow assumptions rather than the actuals, get in touch to get it right!


Accountants Melbourne

Real Businesses, Real Success!

Finite Group migrated record keeping to a cloud based accounting software to maintain the financials on a real time basis. Developed a growth strategy and implemented budgeting and cash flow forecasts
Effective 90 day short term plan to help breakdown long term objectives to short term achievable goals.
Gary, Mortgage Broker
Finite Group moved the business to a more appropriate structure saving literally thousands of dollars in tax whilst paying the right amount. Recommended cloud accounting system to efficiently and effectively manage payroll and day to day bookkeeping. Quarterly business performance meeting with ongoing support throughout the year.
Clare Cotter, Call on Clare
Finite group recommended and helped configure Xero accounting software for automatic feed of bank data for real time expense tracking and automatic reporting of recurring billing for the client’s subscription software service.
Provide 100% transparent quotes for services and with fixed fee
pricing instead of an hourly rate with no scheduled hours.
Daniel Duckworth, Service Crowd